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At some point we all will have to say goodbye to a beloved pet friend. Whether they are facing a terminal illness or are declining in their senior years, letting go of your companion can be one of the hardest and most painful decisions you will have to make.

Helping your pet have a good quality of life, dignity and a peaceful transition when they are at the end of their journey is our commitment to you and them. We will help you make the decisions that are right for you and your pet with honest and compassionate communication.

San Diego Pet Quality of Life Care

Assessing your pet’s quality of life starts with a thorough physical examination and consultation. Diagnostics such as blood work, urinalysis, and x-rays, along with completion of our senior questionnaire, allow us to create an individualized program of nutrition, exercise, pain management and supplements for the best life possible. If it is determined that your pet’s quality of life is irreversibly diminished, hospice or euthanasia may be the options decided upon.

San Diego Pet Hospice Care

Hospice care is an option for companion animals diagnosed with terminal illnesses who still have quality of life, and are not quite ready to end their journey. Hospice requires an active commitment from the family, but can be very rewarding by providing a peaceful end of life experience. The goal of hospice is to minimize suffering with intensive interaction, medication and nutrition, while allowing the pet to spend their final days with their family at home. As your veterinarian, we will guide you, support you, and help you transition your pet.

San Diego Pet Euthanasia

When your pet’s quality of life has truly diminished, euthanasia is a humane and painless procedure that ends your friend’s suffering. A sedative injection is given to relieve any anxiety he or she may have. Another injection is then given that allows your pet to pass peacefully in a matter of seconds. We will help you navigate this difficult decision and help you with after care options and grief counseling referrals should you need them. The loss of a pet can be more overwhelming than we sometimes anticipate. Be kind to yourself and make sure you have adequate support.

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