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Eye problems in your pet are a serious cause for concern. If left untreated, a condition could worsen quickly and lead to permanently impaired vision or blindness. If you believe that your pet has an eye disorder or eye trauma, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Bodhi Animal Hospital veterinarians are experienced in treating pet eye disorders and work delicately and thoroughly to preserve your pet’s vision.

Common Eye Disorders in San Diego Pets

Common eye disorders in animals include:

  • Dry eye. Clinically known as Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca or KCS, dry eye occurs when your pet’s tear glands stop producing tears. Symptoms include dull corneas and a thick discharge from the eyes. It can be caused by nerve damage or conjunctivitis and other diseases. Dry eye can lead to inflammation, corneal ulcers, and blindness if not treated properly.
  • Glaucoma. Glaucoma occurs when pressure builds up in your pet’s eye, preventing fluid from draining. Symptoms include constant blinking, a cloudy appearance in the eye, and unwaveringly dilated pupils. An eye with glaucoma can quickly become blind.
  • Cataracts. Cataracts are spots that form in an animal’s eye. They impair vision by preventing light from hitting the cornea. The most common symptom is a bluish-gray look in an animal’s eye. Cataracts are hereditary in many dog breeds, including poodles, Boston Terriers, and American Cocker Spaniels. They can lead to glaucoma, inflammation, and blindness.
  • Corneal ulcers. Corneal ulcers form due to damage to the cornea’s outer layer. Symptoms include squinting, painful inflammation in the eye, constant rubbing at the eyes, and extreme sensitivity to light. If untreated, ulcers can damage the eye’s inner layers, causing it to rupture.
  • Uveitis. Uveitis occurs when the iris, ciliary body or choroid become inflamed. Symptoms include eye pain, redness, swollen eyes, and uncommonly small pupils. Uveitis can lead to dry eye, cataracts, and corneal ulcers.
  • Entropion. Entropion refers to a condition where an animal’s eyelid folds inward. This causes the eyelashes to brush against the cornea, leaving the animal at risk of developing corneal ulcers and vision loss.

Treatment for Eye Disorders

Bodhi Animal Hospital offers many options for treating eye disorders in your pet. These include:

  • Surgery
  • Corneal debridement

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